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  • As Skip and I were saying our vows, I don't think either of us had ever been happier than at that moment. As the minister said his prayer and pronounced us husband and wife we turned around on that big covered porch to look down at our families and best friends gathered there. You began playing and singing, "Have I told you Lately that I Love you" by Vann Morrison. You simply took my breath away! As you know, up until the last minute we had a hard time deciding on the main song and Skip chose this song only the week before our wedding. I know you remember me calling you in a panic saying we had changed our mind only to find out you didn't know this song. You went out,
bought the music and learned it in less than a week. Greg, your personal touch and going beyond the call of duty will forever remain with Skip and me. Thank you again for sharing our special day with us. Warm regards,
Kaye & Skip.

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FROM KEN (daughters wedding)
Greg Shelton brought together an exceptional group of musicians for our daughter's wedding. Not only was their music and musicianship superb, they were responsive to our needs, interacted well with our guests, and played a wide array of songs that spanned the generations. My daughter thanked me for encouraging live music as everyone had a great time and danced the night away. And my wife and I were so impressed we sought him out during our stay in OBX where he was playing one evening in a local restaurant. Although the venue was not the same, the evening's music was once again perfect. 

 Thanks Greg. Hope to hear you again.
The most amazing aspect of Greg’s performance came during our 'sand ceremony'! As our mothers were participating, Greg quietly strummed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” as background sound. Then once Danny and I began our turn pouring the sand, he slowly began singing and could not have timed it up any better.  The ceremony could not have ended any more perfect than to the beat and joyous words of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” as the two of us headed through our congregation for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Uhrich.

Danny and I agreed that our wedding celebration/ceremony was the most beautiful and most gorgeous day of our lives. We both realize it would never have happened if not for our family and friends. But we also know that our ceremony was only fitting and “perfect” due to the fact that Greg Shelton added his elegant music and friendly character. We are so thankful he could share in our gorgeous day and we now call him our friend.
- Jeremy and Danny Young
Greg Shelton - professional wedding musician on the Outer Banks Greg,
Thanks again for a great time! 
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